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Al Hayat Hospital

Al Hayat Hospital

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Due to the major importance and the big role that the hospitals have for the communities’ balance and their resilience. Syria for Relief and Development has contributed in establishing several hospitals inside Syria. One of those hospitals is “Al Hayat Hospital” which provides Obstetrics and Gynecology services.

The hospital is in “Saraqeb” city, which is located in the southern rural of Idleb. The city population is nearly 72 thousand, while the total population for the surrounding area villages is 160 thousand people and 32 villages accounted for that population. They all are been served by the hospital.

The hospital beneficiaries are around 6000 people per month. More than 52 health care providers are working to serve that number 24/7.

The hospital main sectors are: Pediatric Clinic, Gynecology Clinic, Newborns Incubators, Inpatients Wards (for Gynecology and Pediatric), Operation Rooms, Normal Delivery Room, Minor Procedures and Dressing Department, Laboratory, and a free of charge Pharmacy.

The services that are provided by the hospital are considered one of the most important and basic health services regarding the secondary health care, and it is according to the international health standards during the crisis. The services include:

·        Basic reproductive health services and pregnant and prenatal care.

·        Emergency obstetric care services.

·        Health care for children and newborns.

·        Nutrition and management of malnutrition cases.

·        Monitoring and follow-up of chronic diseases.

·        Infectious disease management and follow-up.

·        Psychosocial support services.

·        Health education and awareness.

·        Referral services.

·        Nursing Services.

·        Dispensing medicines.

We, SRD, are always working with all of our effort in order to leverage our free services in “Al Hayat” hospital. Our aim and purpose is to reduce our people suffering inside Syria, and to establish health security for them.

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