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Bisan WGSS Center

Bisan WGSS Center

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Considering the term of: “Empowering women is an urgent need for community development”, SRD has contributed in establishing many centers that deal with the situation of Syrian women and aim to empower them. One of those centers is Bisan center, a WGSS supported by SRD in the north of Syria. The center is located in Al-Bab city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, the number of population in Al-Bab city, which benefit from the services provided by the center, reaches nearly 150,000 people.

The center provides its services to nearly 1500 beneficiaries each month, provided by more than 20 specialized and non-specialist staff.

The services provided by the center include:

  • GBV Specialized Psychosocial Support.
  • Structured Psychosocial Support.
  • Case Management.
  • Raising Awareness Sessions (Health and Protection).
  • Vocational Training (Knitting – Cosmetology - Sewing).
  • Life Skills Activities (English).
  • Capacity Building (Cadres and Humanitarian workers).

We, at SRD, strive to help Syrian women become a conscious member of the society who is aware of what is going on around, and we work with all our efforts to provide our free of charge services to empower them.

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