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Kafar Safra PHC

Kafar Safra PHC

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SRD had made a promise of establishing and deploying medical centers in large areas in the northern Syria, So that access to medical services is easy and possible for everyone in need. Accordingly, SRD had established Kafar Safra PHC.

Kafar Safra PHC is one of the medical centers supported by SRD in the northern Syria. The PHC is located in Kafar Safra community in Afrin in the countryside of Aleppo. Nearly 8000 people populate it, while the population of neighboring areas, which benefit from the services of the PHC, reaches about 55000 people.

The PHC provides health services to approximately 1450 beneficiaries every month, provided by more than 14 specialized and non-specialist staff.

The PHC provides health services through the following clinics: Pediatrics clinic, OB/GYN clinic, Internal Medicine Clinic, Ophthalmology clinic, Dermatology clinic, Urology clinic, and Endocrinology clinic, in addition to ER room and dressing services.

The services provided by the PHC are considered the cornerstone of primary health care and it follows the international standards of health sector in disaster situations.

The PHC services include:

  • Basic reproductive health services.
  • NCD management.
  • CD Management.
  • PSS services.
  • Health awareness sessions.
  • Referral services.


We at SRD strive to alleviate the suffering of our people in Syria through the provision and facilitation of free health services to everyone.

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