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Emergency Response in Aqrabat Camps

Emergency Response in Aqrabat Camps

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While displaced families are scattered near the borders under trees, with the direst humanitarian conditions, relief teams are going around the camps for helping them. Nearly 50 families were newly displaced, living now in tragic conditions. Those families were quickly reached by SRD’s relief team.


"We distributed 45 food baskets to these families, as well as 90 toy baskets for the children at the camp. In addition, we also distributed ice cream to these children and families" said Omar Shami, one of the team members.


Umm Mohammed, a mother of five children recently displaced to the camp, expressed her satisfaction with the basket saying: “My five children and I desperately need that basket, it means and worth a lot to me and the rest of the displaced families. And of course, I can’t forget the joy of my children with those toys and games they received.


It is noteworthy that the recent military campaign has left a large number of such families that the north camps were over crowded with. Therefore, double efforts have to be made by humanitarian teams trying to alleviate their suffering and anguish.

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