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Healing the child “Marouf” in Al - Firdous hospital

Healing “Marouf” in Al-Firdous hospi...

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After the recent military campaign, and the direct and continuous targeting of hospitals and medical centers. Some hospitals evacuated their patients for their safety as a rescue solution and refer them into safer hospitals.


Among these patients was “Marouf”, a one-month-old child who was referred from Heritan Hospital due to the risk of being shelled to Al-Firdous Hospital in the city of DaretAzeh. The child medical report was potential meningitis.


The child was admitted to the isolation room when he arrived at Al-Fardous Hospital. He was suffering from fever and cough. The clinical examination shows that the child suffers from a bulging anterior Fontane. So, the pediatrician in the hospital has undergone some laboratory tests (CRB _ CSF) to confirm the diagnosis of meningitis.


The doctor in charge of Marouf said: "After two days of treatment, the child’s condition began to improve. His appetite became better, the vomiting decreased, and the fever reduced. His general condition is acceptable". The doctor added: "We repeated the laboratory tests and after the results we decided to continue the treatment.


After a period of time, the child’s condition improved significantly. There was no more fever and his condition became good. The medications were stopped, and the young boy was discharged from the hospital. He was in stable condition and his health was perfect.

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