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Kafr Hamra, an emergency response

Kafr Hamra, an Emergency Response

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After an air raid near their home. From the rubble, and from the ruins of a shattered house, a whole family came out, they all have survived.  The poor mother, after she saw in her own eyes how death almost took her six children, decided to take the kids and flee to Atmeh camp near the borders.

The mother says: "On the first day at Atma camp, my daughter Sidra, who had not completed her seventh month yet, couldn't stop crying. I noticed that she had difficulty breathing after she got out of the dust and the smashed furniture. I was afraid that she might be suffering because of that. I asked the people of the camp for help and they guided me to take her to Kfarhmara mobile clinic located in Atmeh camp. "

In the meantime, Kfar-Hamra clinic has raised its state of readiness to the maximum, as an emergency response for the newly displaced people to the border areas.

As soon as Sidra's mother got to the clinic, she screamed: "Please, doctor, my daughter was pulled out last night from the rubble, and I do not want her to die here."

Despite the overcrowding, the doctor admitted Cedra's mother, comforted and reassured her, and then started examining the girl. He found that the reason for breathlessness is that the child inhaled a large amount of dust that was not tolerated by the child's weak lungs.

He immediately put her on a nebulizer session,

It did not take too long for the child's features to improve, to cheer up the mother and calm down after difficult days.

Before leaving, the doctor gave her the right medicine with the best wishes of healing and returning home.

Finally, we want to highlight that with the increasing needs for mobile clinics, especially with the recent wave of displacement,

Kafarhamra clinic is working continuously not only in Atmeh camp. The number of the clinic's beneficiaries reached 608 beneficiaries, distributed in many areas and several camps, such as Kfarnabouda camp in Wadi al-Ghazal, Wadi al-Ghazal school, Mashhad Ruhein camp, Shamoukh camp, Kafrgna camp and development camp.

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