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The medical waste incinerator project in Mare’

The medical waste incinerator project in Mare&rs...

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Medical progress is one of the modern means of development, in order to preserve human health and safety. However, there is a negative aspect to this development and progress, which is the environment pollution with various pollutants and medical waste, that can lead to serious and often fatal damage to human beings.


In order to avoid these great dangers, SRD sought to establish a medical waste incinerator in northern Aleppo countryside, specifically in the town of Mare’, due to its mediate location between the main areas of the northern countryside.


Mr. Mohammed Al Ali, the project manager of the incinerator said: "After nearly three months of hard work, the incinerator was officially opened, and the first working day was on 13/2/2019"


On the mechanism of the incinerator, Ali said: "The incinerator collects waste from 20 medical centers in northern Aleppo countryside, including four major hospitals in the region, namely Al Bab, Al-Ra'i, Azzaz and Mare’ Hospitals. After that, the incinerator works on sorting these wastes into three sections: metal, plastic, and organic. In order to start to burn them."


Mr. Ahmad, a resident of Mara, pointed out: "We urgently need such a project, we all know the seriousness of medical waste, and the extent its threat to our lives, not to mention the lives of our children."


Finally, it must be noted that the incinerator was built on scientific- engineering bases, in order to get rid of the medical waste the right way and in a healthy manner that is the best for the environment. One of the most important reasons for the establishment of the incinerator is: "safe disposal of medical waste" as described by Ali.

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