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Meles Health Center

Meles Health Center

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SRD has built the Meles Health Center in the northern Idleb countryside of Syria to provide care to anyone in the Meles district, as well as the 7 neighboring villages. The population of Meles district alone is about 30 thousand people, and there are about 6000 monthly beneficiaries.

On January 1, 2019, Meles Health Center started to serve in the following sections with a team of 53 people:

  • Department of obstetrics and gynecology
  • Maternity
  • Department of pediatrics
  • Mobile outpatient clinic
  • Public health
  • Psychological counseling
  • Social and psychological support team
  • Laboratory and free pharmacy

Services provided by Meles Health Center are considered as basic secondary health care services that meet the standards of the international health sector in disaster situations.

Health care provided at the center:

  • Pre-pregnancy and postpartum care services
  • Emergency maternity service
  • Child and newborn health and care services
  • Control of chronic diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Solving dietitian and nutritional problems
  • Social and psychological support services
  • Public health and community health culture services
  • Routine vaccination services

Pregnancy and prenatal and postpartum care services are available throughout the week (24/7) and the same applies to ambulance for Old people and the elderly  and dispatch services (24/7).

We work day and night through the pain of our people in Syria by providing and facilitating free health services to everyone.


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