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Besan Center

Besan Center

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The Besan Center is a place to empower women and is supported by Syria Relief & Development in northern Syria. The center is located in Al-Bab City in the northern aleppo countryside, where the population of the city and surrounding areas is approximately 47,000 people.

The center was launched on Oct 21, 2018 with the aim of supporting women and girls. It works to reduce the risk of gender-based violence and creates a safe environment for them by providing the following services:

  1. Women’s empowerment courses
  2. Life skills courses
  3. Prevention services for gender-based violence
  4. Services in response to gender-based violence
  5. Young Mother Club
  6. Community and health awareness
  7. Medical and psychological services
  8. Individual and group consultations

“These services are entirely necessary to provide women with a safe space for their diets, empowerment, and development.” – Rolah Saleh, Besan Center Director

In Syria, we work through the Besan Center and others to empower Syrian women for the better.

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