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Shelter project 2

Shelter project 2

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Project Overview:

The project aims to rehabilitate homes and shelters for displaced people in both Pensh and Ma'arat Masrin.

Where 93 houses were rehabilitated in Ma'arat Masrin, 143 houses in Benesh and 14 shelters.

The project includes 24 awareness sessions on topics such as child labor, early marriage and gender-based violence.


The number of beneficiaries of the project was 349 families / 2090 individuals.


The project was implemented in collaboration with the Humanitarian Pool Fund (HPF) - the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Turkey.

Project duration:

The project lasted 8 months.

The project started on 15-06-2016

The project ended on 15-02-2017

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