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Balsam Center

Balsam Center

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Project Overview:

Balsam Center aims at empowering and supporting women in the city of Kufrbel in rural Idlib through many activities and training conducted by the Center to support women socially and professionally. The center considered as a safe area for women and girls inside Syria.

Activities of the Center:

- Computer Driving Courses.

- English and Turkish language courses.

- Training in sewing and knitting.

- Training on women's cosmetology.

- Supporting women socially through awareness lectures and activities supervised by psychologists.

- Strengthening courses for students of secondary and preparatory degrees (Mathematics - Arabic - English).

- A kindergarten hall for children in need of special education (hearing impaired, visually impaired, etc.)


Women in the town of Kernabal and in villages nearby

The number of beneficiaries :

The number of beneficiaries of the project "9570"

Duration of the project :

The project started on 1-5-2017 and still ongoing.

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