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Fatima, The woman that made a health center staff crying

Fatima,The woman that made health center crying

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"When the beating begins, I start crying out of pain, and maybe someone hears about me and comes to save me from the clutches of this beast," says Fatima. "Often he would beat his parents if they objected to his actions and his blasphemy." It may come to your mind as you read these lines that the owner of the fabric inspired by fiction, or it is one of the novels of Ali Baba, but I assure you that it is a true story and realistic in all its details and events. The story takes place for an displaced woman from a southern village of Idlib, in her third decade, married and has five children, Fatima. Fatima, who suffers from beatings by her husband, can not afford to be harmed by human beings. He is beaten for the most trivial reasons, or even without a reason, if anger from bad living, he hits her. If anger from neighbors, he hits her. In the beating. Fatima was not the beaten one, but more painful to her humanity, a torrent of insults and foul words to her and her children. After the family's exodus, the beast grew angry and brutal because of the bad conditions. Fatima remained the only victim. The beating became so crazy that she broke her hand and sometimes sheared her head. After the extent of the oppression, Fatima escapes to the nowhere, sends her grief to hills and trees, broadcast her determined not to return, and then to rememeber her five children, and then returns to increase the husband in his arrogance and punishment. We, one of the SRD sponsored health centers in rural Idlib, began to cry after her husband had stabbed her with a sharp knife last night just because she had tried to reassure her parents through Whats app after a four year break. Was transferred directly to the ER in the center, for one of the nurses sew and heal wounds. Fatima cried a lot during the treatment of her wounds, so that her words almost stopped her heart from throbbing, barely whispering to the nurse: "Thank you for the treatment of my wounds, but these wounds do not hurt me, the heartache is more painful," complete with hoplessly: Heals the wounds of this heart" Then one of the nurses rushed to “Hana” the center’s psychological counselor to tell her the story, in a moment Hana get to the woman, to find a woman in the hysterical  tears, and quickly began to wipe the tears of Fatima affectionately, and tell her enough to cry, dear, we are all here at your service. We hear from you and seek to help you, take Fatima's hand and walk to the special guidance room. Fatima begins with crying to tell her story. "Honestly, as a counselor, I have to remain strong and confident in the face of sarrow. A one can’t provide something that he does not own, but Fatima broke this rule," says Hana. "With great difficulty I kept my strength and hid my tears." Fatima felt a sense of comfort when she found someone who listened to her and sympathized with her, and increased when she shared a meal with Hana, after a full day of hunger. Fatima's visits to Hanaa were repeated, and in each session she focused on restoring confidence to Fatima, to be more solid in the face of the hardships of life, to remain strong and unyielding in front of her husband, giving her hope of a better future as her children grow up.

"She told me that life is not all black, it's white and black, and to me, my children, my family and my friends are the whites of this life," says Fatima. "She taught me that my children will grow up and I will depend on them for days". Fatima, who praised the health center, is now an intimate friend of Hana and the center staff. Every period comes to increase the dose of patience and well, that life and future wll be better.

I want to remind you that this story is realistic in all its details, just the name iis fake for Fatima's feelings.

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