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The most painful…when poverty and illness come together

The most painful…when poverty and illness...

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Ms.Safia has suffered from poverty after fleeing from the western rural of Hama and so to stay in Marzita village, the poverty that prevented her from buying a pack of milk for her 3 months old child “Hana”, the child used to cry of starving, and her mother Safia has nothing to do but crying with 2 tears instead of 1, “ due to poverty and starvation my child was deteriorating, when she started to have Diarrhea lasted for 2 months, followed by vomiting lasted for 1 week, and I feel disabled to do anything, as the situation deteriorates, my child’s death is becoming a ghost following me day and night” Safia says.


“I started to think again hoping to remember somebody to help me, then I remembered how Hana was born with caesarean, Mariam hospital has done me a favor of having this birth successful, especially when I remember how they well treated my child just after birth, and well treated me after the surgery, then I thought it would best to take my child to this hospital, which provides services for free” Safia continues saying with pain.


Safia hadn’t had enough money to bring a car in order to reach the hospital, so she was late reaching the hospital till some people of good reached her and transposed her and her child to the hospital, and once they reached the hospital Safia started to feel well, especially when the staff well welcomed her, so she told about her child’s story of poverty and illness, and immediately the child was taken to Hussam Sayar doctor who told us: “ the child is suffering from ongoing diarrhea and vomiting, a fever, and she has a drying of a percentage ( 5%-7%), in addition to malnutrition, then she is accepted in the children’s department to get treatment and venous care”.

The child was getting better with the treatment, and in the meanwhile Safia was being revived again, “Thanks to Allah my child is getting better with the favor of Mariam hospital, in addition to well treating my child, they well welcomed me, I felt as they are my family, and finally they told me whenever I have a problem I can contact them, so they will do what is needed, in reality I can’t find words of thanking this hospital and its great staff” Safia says.

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