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Uncle Ibrahim Story with Rakaya PHC

Uncle Ibrahim Story with Rakaya PHC

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Mr. Ibrahim Kassem Al-shhada, a 65 years old father of 4 boys and 3 girls. Among many other Syrians’ houses, the war in Syria had destroyed Ibrahim’s house, which forced him to be displaced with his family, he is suffering from severe living difficulties, and it became so hard for him to secure the basic life requirements.

Mr. Ibrahim started suffering from a dry cough, dryness in the pharynx, his condition were getting worse and worse. Uncle Ibrahim says: “I had suffered from a dry cough, but poverty and the lack of money stopped me from visiting any medical center, I don’t have any money to live day-to-day, how could I afford a doctor and the expanses of medicine?”, he continues: “My condition became so bad, so I started to ask people about a way out of this misery, someone told me to go to Rakaya PHC, and he told me that they offer their services, the examination and the treatment, for free! I was so pleased to hear that, and went there immediately”.      

Uncle Ibrahim entered the doctor's clinic in the center, and after welcoming him, Uncle Ibrahim began to tell the doctor about his complaint, so the doctor started the examination and later on the treatment stage, which in his turn had told us about it like the following:

  • Symptoms were: cough with high temperature.
  • In the clinical examination, a pharyngeal edema was found, and a chest X-ray was requested.
  • Based on previous symptoms, clinical examination, and surveys, the case of uncle Ibrahim was diagnosed as asthma.
  • Then he took the appropriate treatment for his condition and set the dates of the nebulization sessions for three days in the morning and evening.

Mr. Ibrahim went to the center's pharmacy to take the medicine and returned home after thanking the center and its staff, wishing them more success in serving the poor and the displaced people.

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