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The Story Of Mona

The Story Of Mona

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“Mom, my feet has become bigger than my sister’s” Mona told her mother while she was looking to her foot strangely. In the meantime, the family was preoccupied with their bitter displacement from the eastern countryside of Idlib and their instability. The swelling began to increase and affect the girl’s small steps, then the swelling began to show on her face, and she began to suffer from dyspnea. The mother was collecting the rest of their belongings on one hand, and she was wiping on the forehead of her little girl on the other hand.

After the situation worsened, her father was left with no other options but to go to Al-Fardous Hospital. The analysis showed that Mona, the four-year-old girl, suffered from kidney ascites. The journey of treatment began with immediate and urgent dialysis... For her father, the dialysis hours were so hard and moving slowly, he was cradling her throughout the all those hours as if he wanted to hide his fears from her and show her reassurance and hope for healing.

Muhammad Hamo, a nurse in the hospital says that the treatment journey lasted for two weeks, where the girl had a continuous and regular dialysis that brought her kidneys back to work, during that she had a few tests to make sure that the dialysis is going well as expected.

The specialist said that Mona was on the brink of imminent danger, which threatened her with a fatal edema in her lungs. But, fortunately, she had passed the critical stage, and finally, its vital organs have returned to work normally.

As the young girl's feet returned to their normal size, and she restored the ability to walk, drawing a smile and reassurance on her parents and brothers faces.

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