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Raghad … Return from death

Raghad … Return from death

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It was painful for the family, when they figured out that their 4-years-old daughter is suffering from tuberculosis. Raghad lives with her family in refugee camps in northern Syria, and her health situation was getting worse.


The little girl’s story began when she got a severe cold one year ago accompanied by an obvious weight loss, which made her father confused. What made him more confused is that he took her to many doctors and each one had diagnosed her situation in a different way, and she was getting worse, which made her father go to many PHCs to finally know for sure that she was suffering from Meningitis.


Raghad’s father says: “We visited many PHCs, and we started the treatment journey, it was so hard, her situation was so bad, and the treatment was doing no good for her situation”. He continues: “I can’t stand it anymore, I felt that I am about to lose my daughter, until someone told me about Maarat Hurma PHC, and they have specialized physicians in the center”.


The poor father came complaining about his situation and crying his daughter that haven’t seen much of life yet, all she had seen was hospitals. The girl was thoroughly examined and it turned out that she is suffering from tuberculosis. The father was shocked hearing this result, because her older sister died of the same disease a while ago, which made him horrified and that was so clear in his eyes, the doctor quickly reassured him that he is going to follow up with Raghad situation step by step.

So the doctor started the treatment with an accurate follow-up for about six months until she started getting better and she was finally healed going back to her normal life playing again like she was always meant to be.

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