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A journey of displacement

A journey of displacement

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A few seconds is often more than enough to save a human life! It is known that the speed of moving a patients to a place where they can be treated is one of the most important factors in saving their lives.

By adopting this principle, SRD’s ambulance system has and is achieving a great success in transporting injured people, one of the last achievements was in a small camp for the displaced people in Hass community.

Faisal, 48, was a resident of the camp, with his family of five children, two boys and three girls. He fled from the village of Aqirbat in the eastern countryside of Hama and settled in Wadi al-Gharib. He says: “We fled from Aqirbat, and we settled in Wadi al-Gharib, then we got stock in the siege without anything to live on” He continues quietly: “We were forced to flee again, so we went to Hass community, with a number of other families and we formed a small camp”.

The camp, unfortunately, was also a target of bombard! An airstrike came from nowhere to bomb the small camp and to leave it with only death, screaming, and cries.

As always, SRD’s ambulances rushed to bandage the wounds of the camp, and to transfer the injured people to the nearby hospitals. Faisal was among the injured and was taken to Al-Ma'arah Central Hospital, he had a broken forearm, and was injured in his thigh. He was given the necessary painkillers during transportation, with first aid, he was almost unconscious, muttering in vague words about his family's situation. The injury was severe, so he had an X-ray, his forearm was fixed, and he was referred to Idlib central hospital to have the necessary surgery, all of that was done successfully thanks to SRD’s ambulance system.

Faisal woke up in Idlib central hospital, he was calm and patient after he received the news of loosing all of his sons and two of his daughters. After the surgery he went back to one of his relative’s tent by the help of SRD’s ambulance system.

In the next morning, representatives of SRD’s ambulance system had visited Mr. Faisal and brought him some gifts to tell him that we are all his family and children, and whenever he needs us he will find us right next to him.


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