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Al-Rakaya PHC

Al-Rakaya PHC

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Al-Rikaya Primary Health Care Center is one of Syria Relief and Development sponsored centers in the north of Syria. The center is located in Al-Rikaya town, which is in the countryside of Idleb. Its population is approximately 10,000 inhabitants live in more than 12 villages near the town.

The center provides health services to 6500 consultations per month on average, those health services are provided by more than 18 specialized staff throughout the week days.

The center basic clinics are: Pediatrics’ clinic, Genecology’s clinic, Internal Medicine clinic, nursing room, and a normal delivery room.

The services provided by the Center are the cornerstone services of primary health care that follow the international standards of health during disasters. The services include:

  • Reproductive health services and pre/postnatal
  • Emergency obstetric services.
  • Chronic diseases’ management and follow-up.
  • Infectious diseases’ management and follow-up.
  • Nutrition and Malnutrition cases’ follow-up.
  • Psychosocial support services.
  • Awareness and health education.
  • Referral services.
  • Dispensing medicines.

Syria for Relief and Development strive to alleviate the suffering of our people in Syria by providing free health services to everyone.

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