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SRD provided more than 3.5 million services and assistance during 2018


We seek to win the trust of people through clarity, transparency and work development to be closer to everyone in need.

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Urgent Cases

SRD is providing primary health care services, chronic disease surveillance, psychological support, medicine, and nutritional baskets.

Our 12 mobile health clinics have provided care to over 15 camps.

12,500 beneficiaries, including 4,000 children, have been reached.


This year, offer your Udhiyah Qurbani to Syrians in need from the heart.

With millions of Syrians living in food insecurity and dealing with the daily threat of hunger amid conflict, our Udhiyah Qurbani initiative provides much-needed food care and relief to Syrian families in need.


Nearly 50.000 people have fled violence in Eastern Ghouta and are now living as internally-displaced persons (IDPs). SRD is responding comprehensively to the needs of newly-IDP families.



2.1 M

Our Programs

With the support of our generous donors and grants from our partners, SRD funds and operates a number of humanitarian aid projects that address the most urgent aid needs inside Syria.
Beneficiaries are determined based upon each family's needs and individual circumstances. Priority is always need-based and given to orphans, widows, the disabled, single-parent households, those who have been injured in conflict and require immediate attention and other families in need.

Our programs tackle a variety of international development sectors but primarily serve to meet the needs of the people through comprehensive needs assessments.

Learn more about each of our programs:


SRD provides primary and secondary health care services as well as referral services and mental and community health care across multiple projects.

Shelter And NFI

SRD offers several projects that meet non-food needs and provides a number of projects that provide shelter for the displaced.


The program aims to reduce malnutrition through early detection and management of malnutrition Cases ,providing support and nutritional counseling.


SRD has responded to protection needs in Syria by integrating protection services into a variety of programs. We also integrated protection into a program that offers conflict-affected women and girls access to protection awareness

Our Projects


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Awards SRD

Your provocative words have always motivated us in Syria for relief and development to continue giving and helping our people inside Syria

Award of recognition by the WHO for the extraordinary efforts made by SRD within the humanitarian medical response during the displacement of the people of Eastern Aleppo.
World Health Organization
Award for appreciation of the efforts made by the municipality of Shahin Bih in Gaziantep, southern Turkey, to the (SRD) to sponsor a Ramadan group dinner on the occasion of International Orphan Day...
Municipality of Gzaiantep
gaziantep şahinbey belediyesi

Syria Relief And Development SRD

Syria for Relief and Development SRD is a licensed organization in Turkey under No. 27-019-192 and tax number 7750442873. We work in the north of Syria specialized in relief and medical humanitarian work, especially in development work and projects.
Maintaining humanitarian relief and mobilizing resources to develop a comprehensive agenda for sustainable development in Syria.
Provide emergency humanitarian relief and sow the seeds of sustainable development for the people of Syria. We help a lot of people

Last News

"The incinerator collects waste from 20 medical centers in northern Aleppo countryside, including four major hospitals in the region, namely Al Bab, Al-Ra'i, Azzaz and Mare’ Hospitals. After that, the incinerator works on sorting these wastes into three sections: metal, plastic, and organic. In order to start to burn them."

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Our Partner

We cherish the confidence of our partners in our work, because we adopt transparency and clear action, because we are meticulous in providing human services to those who deserve it.

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