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Doctor with child in PHC in Syria
19 Apr: Ghazal The Child’s with Coeliac Disease

Ghazal, an innocent little child, beautiful, full of hopes with charming character, she was the youngest between her siblings, lives with her 3 brothers and 4 sisters, nearly a 7 years old girl, began having digestive issues, a consistent diarrhea and clear loss of weight , which resulted a series problem in her growth

Protection Success Story Photo
19 Apr: Anwar’s Story with valgus deformity foot

“In spite of my struggling and suffering, I do not want anything other than love, which is something I have never gotten before except from my mother”.

Emergency Response
17 Feb: Nadim, The Seller of Tobacco Rolls.

Nadim Haj Abdullah was hit by a landmine in Ar Raqqah, Syria when he was only eight years old. Consequently,…

17 Feb: Nizar Gets His Wheelchair

Nizar Afif Hamdan, 13, is a child with disability from the village of Keftin. In addition to his disability, Nizar…

17 Feb: Ramiz and Rehabilitation Project

Ramiz and his family were forcibly displaced and had to flee and leave everything behind. He was looking for a…

17 Feb: After 21 days in the ICU, Tariq Survives

Born in Syria Relief and Development’s Al-Salam Hospital in Harem, newborn Tariq’s life was immediately in danger. Pediatrician Dr. Hossam…

17 Feb: Balsam Center Restored Her Hope

Qamar was only ten years old when her father was arrested and sent to prison. Only days following his arrest,…

Sawsan and the Nutrition Ghost
17 Feb: Sawsan and The Nutrition Ghost

Sawsan is a young woman living in Syria. When the war broke out, she had just started at the College…

16 Feb: Malak and Balqees Center

The suffering of people with special needs in Syria has continued to become more difficult since the outbreak of the…

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