Anwar’s Story with valgus deformity foot

Anwar is an 8-year-old boy suffering since the day he was born! A child of war and conflict, with valgus deformity foot adding to his misery, he lives with his parents: a caring mother who would do anything for her poor child, and a sick father who is diagnosed with epilepsy.

Anwar was not happy and needed help. His family heard about BUKRA AHLA Center from one of the medical clinics, and they decided to pay them a visit hoping that they may help. Anwar and his father waited in the reception room. However, he was skeptical and did not believe that anything would change his sad life, but he nevertheless went along with his father.

Everything changed the moment they met Maha, the cheerful, energetic girl who welcomed them then started listening to their problems and talking to them. She was nice and caring, eagerly listening to what Anwar wanted to say, and when he looked at her eyes, he saw hope; an optimistic start for a child that did not expect anything good to happen.

After talking with her for a while, the boy felt safe and gained confidence. He was also able to talk to her freely, and as a result, opened up to her by saying: “In spite of my struggling and suffering, I do not want anything other than love, which is something I have never gotten before except from my mother”. in a sad, honest tone. This phrase broke Maha’s heart, as she did not expect that a little child could say such a powerful thing! Moreover, she noticed his intelligence and could tell how smart he is.

He told her how sometimes his father beat him unconsciously because of his epilepsy disease: a sudden seizure he cannot control. Anwar was sad and frustrated because of his father’s situation, and he wanted to help by doing something, but he was helpless. In addition to all this misery, Anwar was deprived of enjoying his own childhood, because he was considered an “abnormal” kid. His playmates would constantly mock him and burst laughing whenever he fell down, so naturally, any confident he had in himself was utterly destroyed. He could not get himself involved in any activities, and leaving the house was like a nightmare to him.

Maha took an oath that she would help the boy overcome his struggles. She was experienced and hopeful, so she firstly arranged for him a medical shoe that enables him to walk in a normal manner. After that, she began inviting him to the activities section inside the center, so that he can regain some of his stolen childhood joy. The activities center was a place where he could have fun, make new friends, and gain some confidence.

After a couple of sessions, Anwar was able to normally walk thanks to his medical shoes, and his condition had improved significantly. Maha planned everything for him in order to receive the best treatment. She assigned a special car for him so he can come every day to play with the other children, which helped him feel like a normal child. As for his father, Maha was checking out his condition every now and then. The father was involved in psychological support sessions, after which Maha arranged for him a parenting skills program so he can have a better relationship with Anwar. Furthermore, he was able to obtain treatment for his epilepsy disease thanks to one of the SRD clinics.

Whenever Anwar sees Maha, he would tell her: “Look at me, I am a normal child now!” Maha sometimes remembers the day he first came to her, how sad he was struggling with his life, comparing his previous condition to his current, realizing how much he has changed, and cheerfully recognizing that he has become happy, cheerful, and full of life.

The boy told his mother how much safe he feels and how welcomed he is in the BUKRA AHLA Center. He also told her, with overwhelming happiness, that he can be normal. Now, he will attend school and start building his life like any other child…

Protection Success Story Photo
Anwar with Case worker in our center Bokra Ahla in Syria
Protection Success Story Photo
Anwar is playing in our center Bokra Ahla in Syria

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Protection Success Story Photo

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