Ghazal The Child’s with Coeliac Disease

Ghazal, an innocent little child, beautiful, full of hopes with charming character, she was the youngest between her siblings, lives with her 3 brothers and 4 sisters, nearly a 7 years old girl, began having digestive issues, a consistent diarrhea and clear loss of weight , which resulted a series problem in her growth, and there is nothing more terrifying than noticing such a sign sickness in your own child, her mother tried to control herself , and bring herself together, but doubt and fear all she could think about , she consulted her relatives and friends and they recommended her to go to EBIN Primary Health Care Center .

The doctor examined her and listened to her mother’s story, and asked about her syndromes, then she said: ” recently she was having strange desire about eating soil and snow” he got a little surprised and begin to ask her all sorts of questions

An immediate analyzes was demanded by the doctor, it showed a 7 g/dl of hemoglobin, with a 12 kg weight, not a promising sign, the doctor suspected a certain condition, but it needed a confirmation from a specialist, she was transferred to the digestive section, and after the examination she was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Her mother panicked, but she would do anything for her daughter, she was resolved gaining hope and strength from Ghazal’s little innocent smile, another new challenge for a strong little girl born in a country full of war and conflicts.

The doctor looked worried but confident, he took excessive girl for the poor girl, provided her with the appropriate medications, instructed her to follow a healthy diet free of gluten, reminded her mother how important it is to provide ghazal with the healthiest nutrient, and to revisit the center after 15 days.

15 days later she came back, happy with a big smile in her face , her mother was looking at her with a grateful smile , all she had to do follow the doctor’s instructions and have a little faith , she wasn’t fully recovered but she began eating and her weight increased 1 kg , after another 15 days she revisited the center with a huge difference, her hemoglobin became 9 with a noticeable weight increase , she kept fighting and significantly improving until her weight was 15 kg and her hemoglobin was 10 in her last visit , ghazal came back to her normal life , full of hope, the doctor reassured her mother that following given instructions, she will be just like any child and she will be stronger by the time when she grow up with a promising future ahead of her.


Doctor with child in PHC in Syria Supported Primary Health Care Center in Syria

Doctor with child in PHC in Syria

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