Malak and Balqees Center

The suffering of people with special needs in Syria has continued to become more difficult since the outbreak of the conflict. This group is the most vulnerable population to the setbacks of crises.

Malak, 19, has been deaf since she was born. She felt alone in a world of people that she could not communicate with. Many years passed before she was able to learn sign language. Finally, she found a way to express herself and feel empowered.

Malak’s family was forced to flee from their village in Al-Ghab and settled in Jindires. Her aunt noticed that she seemed deeply depressed and advised her to go to The Balqees Center.

After visiting the center a few times, Malak took up sewing. Her teacher noticed that she was a fast learner and naturally gifted. After two months, Malak could measure, cut, and rotate darts to create clothing. Sewing has given her ways to express herself, be more social, and feel empowered again.

The Balqees Center was recently established as a protection service for women and children in Jindires to meet the needs of the community. The population of the city is 40,000 people, 25,000 of whom are displaced.

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