Nadim, The Seller of Tobacco Rolls.

Nadim Haj Abdullah was hit by a landmine in Ar Raqqah, Syria when he was only eight years old. Consequently, he was left with an amputated leg and a serious shoulder injury.
Nadim’s family was forced to flee their home in order to find safety and found a small room in Bazaa Camp years later. There he lived with his father, stepmother, and three younger brothers. Unfortunately, Nadim’s mother passed away four years ago, and his father is now suffering from heart disease. At just 12 years old, Nadim was the only one capable of caring for his family.
Nadim began to sell tobacco at the Camp, which caught many people’s attention. Samar of Syria Relief & Development noticed him, and they soon became friends. Samar informed her supervisor of Nadim’s situation in order to obtain financial assistance and get group activity sessions set up for him. The dangers of child labor and the importance of Nadim’s education were taken into account.
After group activity and support sessions with our team, Nadim’s outlook on life greatly improved, and he registered for school.

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