Eman and Her Children – Ramadan

“What could be worse than my children eating grass for four days?!”
Eman forbidding herself from eating during Ramadan so that her children could have enough food to satisfy a fraction of their hunger and survive.
Eman is one of hundreds and thousands of mothers who are now searching for the bare minimum of food to feed their hungry children.
Share with them Ramadan’s charities, spread happiness, and put a smile on their innocent faces.

Ar-raja Surgical Hospital in Idlib

We reach them at Ar-raja Surgical Hospital, the city of Qah, which is considered a center for thousands of displaced people and camps … Learn about the hospital and its services completely through the following report

SRD Mobile Clinics in northern Syria

Starting with our humanity and moving on to our duty towards them.
SRD has established Mobile Clinics to meet the needs of our displaced people in the northern regions of Syria and to alleviate their pain, learn more about SRD Mobile Clinics

Ebin PHC

The Abyan Primary Health Care Center operates under the slogan of help and hope. It provides integrated services in the area of Abyan and the surrounding villages and camps. Learn about the center through the following video: