What We Do

The mission of the SRD is to help those affected by violence, hunger, poverty, injury, and displacement.
Where we Focus


SRD makes it a priority to advocate for the well-being of people in need.

Emergencies Response

SRD is dedicated to bringing aide to those affected by the world’s most pressing humanitarian crisis today.


All SRD health programs operate on a comprehensive, preventative communication of care.


SRD instituted holistic nutritional programming targeting developing children through our Young Child Feeding (IYCF) campaign.


SRD focusing establish comprehensive protection services including outreach, case management, psychosocial support (PSS) services and referral pathways.


To ensure that the specific needs and rights of crisis-affected women and girls are met, SRD working to establish women and girl safe spaces.

Shelter & NFI

The Shelter Program is a set of projects for the rehabilitation of war-affected homes, The NFI program focuses on providing lifesaving assistance for IDP’s and populations affected by conflict.

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