Community Health

Community Health

In order to achieve optimal access to health services, SRD supports an expanded community health program through mobile teams composed of qualified community health workers who are trained to provide awareness sessions to support and promote healthy behaviors, reduce risks to individual and community health, and work to raise the level of health education related to reproductive health, Feeding infants and young children and the principles of general hygiene and preventive measures to avoid infectious diseases and chronic diseases.

Our Approach

SRD commitments to the following supportive supervision strategies in the context of CHW program:

  • appropriate supervisor–supervisee ratio allowing meaningful and regular support.
  • ensuring supervisors receive adequate training.
  • coaching and mentoring of CHWs.
  • use of observation of service delivery, performance data and community feedback.
  • prioritization of improving the quality of supervision.
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Our Response


SRD rely on the standards of the World Health Organization in this field, where supervisors are trained by specialized trainers on the six bags that were set by the World Health Organization and provided with work-related forms and trained to fill them, and a supervisor is assigned to every five teams, and the number of In 2020, about 83 community health workers are working in connection with health facilities supported by SRD.

Key States 2020

83 CHWs

Number of SRD’s  Community Health Workers staff  through 2019 in Syria.

39,758 Visits

Number of Visits from SRD’s CHWs services through 2019 in Syria 

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