Shelter & NFI

Shelter and settlement assistance should support and draw on the existing strengths of affected households, communities, civil society and government. A sense of safety, community and social cohesion are essential to begin the process of recovery.

Shelter Program

The Shelter Program is a set of projects for the rehabilitation of war-affected homes, to ensure that these homes are habitable and maintain the dignity and privacy of their families, and provide minimum basic services such as bathrooms and toilets.

NFI Program

The NFI program focuses on providing lifesaving assistance for IDP’s and populations affected by conflict, in addition to providing assistance and support to face the winter in the host communities of the displaced including winter clothes, blankets, solar lights and sleeping mats, as well as heaters and fuel for heating.

NFI programming has been a staple programmatic sector of aid distribution for SRD, whether through a stand-alone project or, more often, integrated in projects that also implement programming from other sectors such as Health, Protection and Shelter.

SRD also distributes vouchers, allowing beneficiaries to choose their needs according to the priority of each family.

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Our Response
Shelter Response:

With over 5.6 million17 in need of shelter assistance in Syria and housing conditions worsening for millions of the displaced population, repair and rehabilitation of damaged homes ensure families are able to receive safe housing and protection.
There is significant overcrowding in several areas including in northern Syria and north-western Aleppo. Shelter capacity in northern Syria has been exhausted with no additional capacity to absorb further arrivals, while access to northwestern Aleppo is partially restricted.
SRD continues to provide shelter assistance where a large number of IDPs and host communities have been living in makeshift homes and shelters.

NFI Response:

 In 2020, NFI needs remaining substantial, both in terms of humanitarian life-saving needs, supplementary and seasonal assistance, as well as longer-term needs, among those communities requiring resilience-oriented support to reduce dependence on external assistance and enhance the ability of families to withstand future shocks and stresses.
The distribution of essential non-food items (NFIs) has ensured families are able to access basic amenities in the form of hygiene kits. These kits include soap and shampoo or other winter necessities, including blankets, heaters (sobas), mattresses, and charcoal or firewood.
SRD distributed 1,173 General NFI Kits and 19,710 Hygiene Kits to IDPs in 2020.

Key States 2020

2,589 Household Repaired

Number of households are repaired by SRD’s Shelter services in Syria.

34,915 NFI services

Number of NFI Services Provided by SRD in Syria.

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