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Medical Relief For Evacuation People of Ghouta

Medical Relief For Evacuation People of Ghouta

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Nearly 50.000 people have fled violence in Eastern Ghouta and are now living as internally-displaced persons (IDPs). SRD is responding comprehensively to the needs of newly-IDP families.


In coordination with other NGOs and local councils, SRD is providing the following:

  • At the evacuation point, our medical team is providing Health and Protection services which include trauma, sexual and reproductive health (SRH), and ambulatory care. 
  • At IDP reception centers and final destination points in Idleb, we are providing a wide range of Health, Shelter, Non-Food Items (NFI), and Protection services.
    • Our mobile medical teams are providing a range of health services at these locations.
    • We are distributing 500 NFI kits to IDP families in coordination with local councils. 
    • We're providing Protection services to IDP families, particularly for women and children.



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